free bible courses online with certificates

8 Free Bible courses online with certificates

Deepen your faith with these free Bible courses online with certificates.

Have you been looking for a guide that covers the free Bible courses online with certificates? Then look no further. After conducting deep research, we were able to compile a list of 8 Bible courses, that offer certificates in the end. These courses are from credible organizations, and they are relevant in 2022. 

Let’s take a look at the universities providing free Bible course online with certificates.

free bible courses online with certificates

Free Bible Courses Online with Certificates:


Want to learn about the religion and the Bible from a credited university? Then is the right choice.

This university is a Bible school that offers 150+ free courses on its website. Students from over 190 countries have enrolled in their courses. These individuals have completed their courses with the satisfaction of choosing this university.

It is easy to register on their website, and you get instant access to their lectures. You also get a certification in Bible, after the successful completion of the course. And after this course, you also have the option to pursue higher education. The best part is, that there are no hidden or additional costs involved in pursuing.

They do offer other courses and programs on their platform, that need minimal cost to access. But, the Bible course is free of cost for everyone. You only have to go to their website and register to access the course.

Contact information:

Michigan: (616) 777-0305

Florida: 727-230-1036

2)    World Bible School

If you prefer flexibility while pursuing your studies, then you should consider enrolling in this course. World Bible School prioritizes constraint-free and pressure-free teaching.  That is why their approach was to make these courses enjoyable for their students. 

They have compiled this course to make your learning fun and enjoyable. The video lectures offer a deep understanding of religion and god’s word. You can watch these videos as many times as you like, which enables you to go back and clear lingering doubts. 

Apart from this, you can also choose to pursue one on one training classes with the instructor. For further clarification, you also get access to Q & A sessions with the instructors.

The option to choose your method of learning and the easy registration process are just a few benefits of pursuing this course. The great reviews and credibility of the university make this a preferable choice to pursue your Bible training.


3)    Trinity International Theological Seminar

Trinity International Theological Seminar was founded to provide education at affordable prices. The Bible course on their website is FREE of cost and can be completed in a fast-track mode. Despite offering inexpensive programs, Trinity ensures quality education to all its learners and students.

Their program includes teaching on

  • Jesus Christ
  • Church
  • Salvation
  • God
  • Man
  • Prayer and much more

And you also gain certification at the completion of the program. 

Mailing Address:

10821 Red Run Blvd # 1591

Owings Mills, MD 21117, USA.


4)   St. Paul Center

St. Paul Center is a free resource, where you can access video lectures and books free of cost. Even if it isn’t a step-by-step course, it still offers relevant information on Bible and religion. The data on their website is available in text, video as well as audio format. This way, students get access to notes as well as video lectures in one place. There is no hurry to finish the course, as the videos on their website are rewatchable, and accessible at any time. You can bookmark the site, to see the information with one click.

5)   World Bible Institute

World Bible institute prides itself on providing updated and accurate information to students. You get access to study material and video lectures after enrolling on their website. Their program considers the student’s age and offers age-appropriate education to learners. This institute gives importance to the local language, which makes them accessible to students, irrespective of their language. This humble approach by the World Bible Institute makes it a preferable choice for most learners.




6)    Religious Literacy Course at Harvard

If you are looking for a course, that offers an understanding of the Bible’s history, then Harvard is the right place for you. In this course, you will learn about the evolution of religion and culture.

The module of the program includes:

  • Interpretation of the role religion plays in historic contexts;
  • The internal diverse nature of religion;
  • The evolution and change in religion throughout the years;
  • The influence of the Bible on human nature;
  • The strengths and limitations of learning about religion through the Bible

7)    Religious Study Department Yale

Yale’s department of religious studies offers courses on religious traditions and disciplines. They cover the world’s major religions, with a strong emphasis on their history and intellectual traditions. Their research focuses on Bible, New Testament, Islamic Studies, and much more. But it is important to note that they don’t offer certificates at the end of the program. But it is still a better choice for people wanting to gain more information about the Bible.

8)   The Bible Course at the Higher Education

 If you want to pursue a career as a pastor, then the BE degree in Bible is an excellent choice. Here, you will gain knowledge on comprehending the truth of the Bible in its original context. The entire program will provide you with in-depth knowledge about

  • The Bible,
  • Tools to responsibly interpret the Bible, &
  • The Skills to communicate the teachings of the Bible to others.

For enrolment, you will need to have a high school degree, or an advanced diploma or a GED with passing scores. You will also be required to submit transcripts from previously attended institutions. These transcripts can be emailed to them at

Contact information:

Houston Baptist University

7502 Fondren Rd

Houston, TX 77074

Phone number: (281) 649-3000

Why to pursue a free Bible course online with certificates?

We all have this understanding that a Bible course is not an actual degree. hence, it puts limitations on getting employed. But we should also consider that a Bible course can set you up to achieve other career opportunities.

The advantages to pursue this course are vast. It will give you valuable insight into the Bible and its history, and it can also help you to change your perspective on religion. And if you are planning to pursue a career in ministry or as a pastor, then the Bible course is a great choice for you.

Bible courses will help you to master your skill as a reader or a writer. The interpretation of the text in this course will help you broaden your thinking ability. Let’s not forget that it enables you to understand the deeper meaning, and enhance your skill in researching.

Along with this, a certification in the Bible course can improve your student profile. If you want to pursue your education at a private Christian university, then the Bible course will help you to make a good impression. Only a few hours of dedication can prove that you are a good fit for their university.

But, it is also important to know that learning the Bible is not just about the physical realm. The course should be pursued to gain a better outlook on god and religion. Even those curious about religion can pursue this course, which makes it suitable for individuals who are not Christian as well. Hence pursuing these courses should be with the intention to foster spiritual growth and not for physical gain.


It is difficult to find quality institutes that offer free Bible courses online with certificates. But by attending the programs mentioned in this blog, you will have a deeper understanding of Christianity and the Bible. So, what are you waiting for ?! register yourself to become an expert !  

Frequently asked questions:

How much do Bible studies cost?

A study and analysis of the Bible college tuition fees were conducted in 2022. The cost is estimated to range between $5400 and $10,000. Undergraduate tuition at SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary remained around $10,400 for the academic year 2021-2022.

What are the career options after a Bible degree?

Many people who study the Bible go on to earn graduate degrees such as the MDiv, MAR, and ThM. They can use these degrees to pursue careers in writing, teaching, directing, missionary work, or human services.

What is the significance of Bible classes?

Many colleges are dedicated to prepare students in traditional fields. Today, colleges place a strong emphasis on Bible in their curriculum. This is done while also preparing students for careers in a wide range of fields. So, if you are trying to expand your career in studies related to Christianity, then a Bible course is important for you to pursue.




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