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Free HHA Training Courses Available in the US (2022 Guide)

Read In-Depth About the Prerequisites and the Free HHA Training Available to Become Certified in the Health Aide Industry

Are you looking for free HHA training in the US? Look no further. After doing comprehensive research and study, we have narrowed down 5 Free HHA trainings available in the US.

This blog covers everything from the prerequisites to the earning opportunities after getting certified. But, before that, let’s take a look at what HHA training is- and what are some of the benefits of pursuing a career in it.

What is and Why to Pursue free HHA Training?

Home health aide allows an individual to live a self-sufficient existence without having to rely on healthcare institutions. They provide personal and health care to the elderly, sick, disabled as well as to the people in need of emotional, social or spiritual care. Their job involves helping patients with dressing, maintaining proper hygiene along with other daily activities. They also take daily readings of blood pressure, temperature, pulse rates, and much more.

As they spend so much time taking care of these patients, it is necessary for them to be compassionate and empathetic. They are also skilled in controlling infectious diseases and looking out for vital and crucial signs in a patient’s condition.

During the HHA training, they learn how to administer physician-prescribed medication on time. Their job includes working with nursing aides, physicians, or even medical caretakers, depending on the patient’s need. Their training and job role requires them to monitor and report patients’ conditions to their family/ guardian and their physician.

Free HHA Training

Requirements to get Certified as an HHA:

To get certified, learners need to pass NHAC examinations, and they might also be subjected to skill demonstration. Depending on the course, students might give state-mandated blood tests, and go through a background check before enrolling in the program.

In some cases, it is required to be certified in CPR to enroll. But students don’t necessarily need to have a high school degree.


Benefits of Pursuing a Free HHA Training

The HHA field is experiencing momentum and rapid growth in the employment rate. The percentage growth of this industry is estimated to reach an all-time high of 36% in the coming years. You don’t need to hold a high school diploma, nor do you need to worry about losing your employment due to its high demand.

HHA is especially appealing as it is a varied job and you also get the chance to meet new people. If you enjoy assisting the elderly or those in need, home health aid is the right job for you.

In our list of training institutions, we have mentioned programs where you can get dual certification as well as work opportunities. So, without further delay, Let’s get right to the top free HHA training available in the United States.


Top Free HHA Training Programs:


Lynn Agency

Lynn agency licensed by the New York State Department of Health- has been offering home health aide services for the last 75 years. They have their own training program, that comes with a certificate as well as an opportunity to work with Lynn by the completion of the training. 

In this training, you will get training- in class as well as with patients, and you will be supervised by trained nurses through-out the program. They provide HHA services in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Nassau County, and Suffolk County.

By the end of your training period, you will know

  • How to take care of Personal Hygiene
  • Preparing meals, dressing as well as feeding exercises
  • The proper way to take vital signs
  • Attending doctors’ or physicians’ appointments

On completion, you will be recognized as a certified home health aide. Visit their website to know about the requirements, and enrol through the form available today.

Contact:  Monday to Friday- 9 am to 5 am

Call: 718.261.6400

Fax: 718.261.2001



First Care of New York

A health care agency named First Care of New York has been serving the home care industry for 10+ years in the US. They have a free training program where you get experience in becoming a home health aide provider. But, to get accepted into the program, individuals have to pass their stern criteria. Those willing to learn will have to go through a stringent screening process to get hands-on training in HHA.

The agency has had experience in treating veterans, elderly and surviving spouses. Which makes this training a better choice as learners get real-life examples from the program. They have provided services in Bronx, Queens County, Brooklyn as well as Manhattan. Contact them through their website to learn more about their training program.

Their agency also has frequent job openings as they provide services in Home Health Aide, nursing, and the general health care industry.

Contact information: 1-718-364-7251

Best Choice (CentreLight Health System)

Want to know about a free HHA training program that comes with placements opportunities? Then the Best Choice (CentreLight Health System) is the right HHA training for you. This program comes with 4 weeks of rigorous training, where you will be dedicating your time to get hands-on training in classrooms.

Few requirements for getting admitted into the program include passing a background check as well as taking pre-employment physical, and toxicology screening. Apart from that, they also require students to have flexibility, and zero absenteeism is entertained during the training period. This is why a proper assessment of the program is needed before enrolling. The entire training in HHA at Best Choice is for free, but you will need to pay a total of $50 for training material. Contact them for more details.

Duration: 4 Weeks

Contact information: 1-718-319-2525

  • 2275 Olinville Avenue

Lower Level

Bronx, NY 10467

  • 205 Rockaway Parkway

Lower Level

Brooklyn, NY 11212




Do you want to train under professionals and mentors with exponential experience in the HHA field? Then you should consider joining the CHCA program. Here you can find training in both English and Spanish language. The highlight of this training is the dual certification you get by the end of the 4-week extensive program. You also get the chance to advance your career by training at the CNCA program for free. 


  • Certified Home Health Aide and
  • Personal Care Assistant

Class timings:  Monday to Friday from 9 to 5 pm

Class address:  400 East Fordham Road in the Bronx

Duration: 4 weeks


Aides at Home

If your priority includes flexible training and immediate placements then your search for free HHA training ends here. Aides at Home provides classes in the morning and the evening and it comes with multiple career options at the end of the course. The HHA training is 75 hours long and even PCAs can get certified on their platform.

It is also easier to enroll. All you need to do is submit your photo ID and other mentioned documents. You might also need to give drug screening reports and negative covid test to enroll. Go to their website and fill out the form to get yourself registered

Duration: 75 hours

Benefits: Placement opportunities

Contact information:

Bayshore, NY- Phone: (631) 666-9226

Elmhurst, NY- Phone: (718) 639-9365

Staten Island, NY- Phone: (718) 351-6543



We hope this guide helped you to begin your career where you can promote the well-being of others. After researching all the training available in HHA, these were a few options that we found to be free of cost and came with exciting opportunities in the end. Regardless of where you get your free home health aide training, be sure the program is state-approved and meets your requirements.



What Does a Home Health Aide Earn?

In 2020, the median salary for Home Health Aides was $ 27,080. The highest-paid quarter earned $31,280, while the lowest-paid quarter earned $23,560.

How long does HHA training last?

Most individuals need approximately 75 hours to become a home health aide. Once you have completed the training requirement, you must apply to the state for testing and certification.

What does a Home Health Aide do?

An HHA provides assistance and care in daily activities of a disabled, sick or an elderly person. They also provide health care, by taking daily readings of blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

What are some of the advantages of working as a home health aide?

Many things can provide job satisfaction for HHAs. One of the benefits is that they have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. They provide companionship to those in need. With their services, they also give clients the opportunity to make life easier.


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