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Earn $30000+ with Free Virtual Assistant Training in 2024

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Want to build a scalable and sustainable career while working from home? Then read about how you can become a virtual assistant, and earn significant revenue while putting your skills to use.

This blog covers everything from the skills required as well as the FREE virtual assistant training available to get certified.

But before heading to the list, let’s look at the job responsibilities of a virtual assistant as well as their earning potential.

Who is a virtual assistant? And what tasks do they need to perform?

Virtual assistants are individuals providing executive and administrative services to organizations or companies.

It is a flexible career field, which enables individuals to make their own decisions and charge as per their expertise and skills. People aspiring to work as virtual assistants, only need a workstation, internet services, and their computer to get started.

Some of the skills that virtual assistants can offer include social media management, content promotion, digital marketing & blog writing. But these skills can also extend to bookkeeping, and other clerical work.

The best part is the freedom to work from any part of the world even while traveling, which makes this a popular and a preferable choice for most people.

Those striving to become virtual assistants can take training courses to get certified, and they can learn skills along the way. Some of the software and programs to master include excel, word, PowerPoint, adobe or even Canva (for graphic designing). Students can also opt to work in a corporate setting to gain experience, before becoming a virtual assistant.

So, let’s take a look at the free virtual assistant trainings available to get started in this field.

Free Virtual Assistant Training

Free Virtual Assistant Trainings 

1)   The Techie Mentor

If you want to learn about the ins and outs of the virtual assistance business, then look no further. Throughout this course, the founder ‘Susan Mershon’ provides valuable and honest advice, from her real-time experience working as a virtual assistant. She effectively plucks all the information available regarding this field and debunks the myths in her training videos.

This program is the best one to start off, as it tells you how to step into this field, and gently steers you in the direction of how to earn. You also get certified at the completion of the training, which can help you build your resume as well as your portfolio.

2)   The Virtual Savvy

If you are looking for a practical guide that shares tips on how to get clients and earn 100K+ dollars, then you should check the training offered by The Virtual Savvy. This training shares not only the fundamentals but also shares insights on the qualities you need to master, that companies and organizations expect while hiring a virtual assistant.

The training was formed keeping in mind the years of experience of the teachers, so that aspirants don’t make the same mistakes that the mentors did early on. Also, you have instant access to the classes once you register for the course, which is all you need to get started right away on your virtual assistant journey. Check out their website to get yourself registered.

3)   Udemy: Virtual Assistant Training

Want to know all about how to build a career as a virtual assistant in only an hour? Then check out the course by Rehan Allahwala on Udemy. It covers all the core aspects in the training- including task management as well as pointers on effective communication with clients.

It is a free training program, but students can also opt for the paid version to get access to certificate, and the live Q and A sessions with mentors. A preview for the free virtual assistant training is also available to watch on Udemy. Go ahead and browse through the program for more details!

4)   Erin Mort

Are you feeling lost or struggling to find clients as a virtual assistant? Then this training is specifically made to help you find your footing as a VA. The goal behind making this guide was to help you accomplish your objective of earning money from home. This training is a 5-day program that will allow you to quit your 9 to 5 job, and help you to earn with flexibility- from the comfort of your home or while traveling.

In this training period, you will learn:

  • How to decide the niche and the services you can give?
  • What pricing and packaging structures to use?
  • The effective strategies to build your business blueprint
  • And most importantly, finding clients as a virtual assistant.

This training will give you an overview on how to strategically earn money, and will know your way around being a virtual assistant. All you need to do is, implement the tips given in the training, by signing up the form available on their website.

5)   The Support Squad

Check this 5-day free virtual assistant training that covers the essentials of starting a business as a virtual assistant. It is important to market the services we provide and brand it to make it recognizable for clients. The Support Squad covers just that. They break down the steps on how to pay taxes, fix a price as well as how to figure out LLCs.

The training of the support squads also focuses on getting high quality clients, thus resulting in high quality pay as a virtual assistant. You will also learn the tips to onboard clients and work with them on their projects seamlessly. Along with video lectures, you also get access to e-books that you can refer to anytime for your additional information. They also have a podcast and a community where virtual assistants interact, share ideas and connect with each other to grow and network.

Portals where you can learn Skills to be a Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant means helping corporates and companies with various skills learnt and mastered. They include but are not limited to social media management, search engine optimization, blog writing as well as content marketing. Individuals can also learn PPC ads, to help organizations increase their sales and ROI. But where to learn these skills and master them?

For that you can check HubSpot or Skillshop’s online platform.

On HubSpot, you can find courses from digital marketing, YouTube marketing, Excel certifications and much more. Whereas, on Skillshop, you can learn more about the strategies to run display ads, text ads, video ads, shopping ads, app ads, and local ads on Google Ads. Both are excellent and credible portals to master your skills and get learning. On these platforms, you can also give examinations, and get certified after scoring more than 80% on your attempts. These skills come in handy, as many companies are searching for virtual assistants to handle their digital profiles.

Benefits of Free Virtual Assistant Training:

The need for virtual assistants has seen a huge surge in the coming years, as it benefits both- the employer as well as the individual service provider. The exponential increase in start-up companies has also been a catalyst for the growing opportunities in this field. Even the tax slabs of a virtual assistant completely differ from that of a regular employee.

The biggest benefit is that a virtual assistant can choose his clients. He also has the discretion to take or refuse a work according to his availability. They can differentiate their prices according to the work and the employer, hence becoming the price setter of their field. The trainings listed in this article enables you to get certified, and build your portfolio to start working.


We hope that the training and resources enlisted on this blog helps you with a roadmap to start your career as a virtual assistant. It is not necessary to opt for training to become a VA, however, they do help you sharpen your communication skills, and give you tips to get clients as a fresher. We hope they provide a firm and foundational ground to solve your queries in becoming a virtual assistant.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.      Earning Potential as a Virtual Assistant

Starting off, virtual assistants can expect to get paid around $10.6 to $16.5 on an hourly basis. The earnings of a virtual assistant can range anywhere from $25000 to $60000 on an annual basis. The average that a virtual assistant earns is $34000. However, the pay depends on the individual’s expertise, skills, knowledge and preference.

2.     Organizations that Frequently Hire Virtual Assistants

The best place to check for virtual assistant jobs will be on Flexjobs

Listed below are a few other companies that often have vacancies and openings for virtual assistants.

BELAY Boldly Equivity
My BTLR Profit Factory Randstad VaVa Virtual Assistants

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