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Get paid to watch Youtube videos

We all spend some time in a day, browsing videos and Netflixing. What if I say, you could get paid to watch youtube  videos and earn some bucks for doing something that you already do generally in your day to day life!

Would you like a complete guide on how to get paid to watch youtube videos ? Look no further !

Can I earn money by watching Youtube videos?

The answer is simple, YES ! You can earn money by watching Youtube videos.

There are various platforms, mostly PTC (pay-to-click) sites through which you can get paid to watch youtube videos and earn paypal money. I provide you with 23 such cool platforms where you can register, watch youtube videos and earn paypal money.

All the platforms listed below are LEGIT. But, as with any service or product, there are pros and cons associated. At the end of this article, I provide the trust ratings and earning potential comparison between these apps. This will help you make a decision on the platform that suits you best

I will be upfront with you. The money earned per video is not very high. But they can add up. Money earned by watching videos alone wont substitute your regular income or help you quit your day job ! BUT, it is an easy to make some extra cash on the side and doesn’t require a skill. You are simply getting paid to watch youtube videos when waiting for a friend or when you have nothing-do-time at work or in between your cooking !!!

23 Best platforms to get paid to watch youtube videos

Here are 23 best ways you can get paid to watch Youtube videos and make some extra bucks.

1 Swagbucks

Swagbucks is definitely the most popular one and the first one that pops when one thinks of an easy and trusted way to watch youtube videos and earn paypal money. It is a site that pays for a variety of activities like search, completing surveys. Not many know that watching videos is also one of the ways you can earn through swagbucks.

The payouts aren’t really high – but you get paid to be entertained ! The videos varies from advertisements to news content. One can earn about 2 or 3 swagbuck points (aka SB) for watching a playlist that lasts for about 15-30 minutes.

The earned SBs can be redeemed for cash or gift vouchers from Amazon, Tesco and hundreds of other retailers. here’s a limit of 150 SB per day for earning through videos. The cash payment will be via paypal. If the above interests you, Login to Swagbucks, create an account and start earning.

2 Inbox dollars

Inbox dollars rewards its viewers to do multiple tasks online  like taking surveys, reading emails, playing games and watching videos.

How to earn money watching videos on Inbox dollars?

Download the app and create an account. You will earn a sign up bonus of $5 straightaway. There are 2 types of memberships offered: Gold and Non-Gold. You start as a non-gold member till you earn your first payment. Thereafter you earn your gold membership. You can start earning rightaway after signing in, by watching videos on the app. The videos could be anything ranging for meal prep to celebrity interviews.

How much can you earn from Inbox dollars?

Watching a video of 5 mins can fetch you 2 cents. That is not much on its own! However how much you earn varies on the activities you complete. You can earn about $6-7 through various tasks if you spend an hour on this app.  This is to give you an idea on the earning potential on this app.

You will need to earn a minimum $15 to cash out. You can request the payment through cheque mailed to your address, or you can redeem using paypal, or gift vouchers.

If you are a non-gold member, the processing will take 15-16 days. If you are a gold member the processing duration is just about a week.

Get started with InBox dollars.

3. My Points

MyPoints offers several ways to earn money – taking online surveys, watching videos, playing video games, shopping, referrals etc.

Head to ; and sign up using your email address. You can also download the app.

How much can you earn from MyPoints?

As soon as you sign up, you will receive a $10 as sign up bonus. You can make upto 500 points per day watching videos. One point is worth .006 cents . The more activities you participate in, more is your reward. You can redeem your points for cash payment via Paypal or Visa prepaid account or to your direct bank account. You can redeem through gift vouchers or convert points into airline miles.

4. Neilsen Computers

The Neilsen Mobile Panel app (aka the Nielsen Digital Voice Panel) is designed to track people’s internet usage for market research purpose. This company has been around since 1923.

Available in : United States, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong and United Kingdom.

To get started, sign up and confirm your email address. Answer a few questions about your demography. Indicate how many devices you want to register. Example you can install the app on your desktop and mobile phone. This means that you can have multiple accounts by registering more devices. This increases your earning potential.

Once your account is active, you will receive a signing bonus of ~300 points. You can start watching videos. Your points will start accumulating with different tasks you complete.  Once you reach a maximum of 805 points (equivalent to $5) you can opt to cash out via gift vouchers. However Neilsen does not provide cash out via Paypal. You can earn upto $50 a year from one device by doing very minimal tasks. You can earn higher (~$10,000) with their sweepstakes.

5. Kash Kick

How to earn from watching on Kash Kick?

Visit the site – Kash Kick, Hit the sign up button and complete the sign up.

Receive $1 when you complete the profile .  Then, you know the drill. Watch youtube ads and get paid for it !

There are few ways Kash Kick varies from other reward earning apps (both good and bad!)

  1. Lack of information on their website
  2. There is no hassle of converting points into dollars.
  3. Friendly and prompt customer service
  4. No sign up bonus
  5. Makes payment only via Paypal

The minimum payout threshold is $10. Once you reach the limit, you can redeem the cash via Paypal. The payments are processed biweekly.

6. Earnably

Earnably has partnered with three different companies where you could access paid videos. All you need is to click one by one and watch them till the end.

Each video are 1 to 2 minutes long and mostly pay between 1 to 2 points. Interacting with ads, can help you earn few more points.

7. Irazoo

Watching videos on Irazoo is one of the easiest way to earn money.

How does it work?

Once you’ve registered for an account, log into your dashboard. Then, click on the “Watch Videos” option on the left-hand side. Answer a couple of questions to help understand your preference. So that the videos displayed will be as per your interest.

Irazoo pays for the videos that are actively watched. Meaning , you cannot run a video on the background and open a new window to work on other activities. Doing so, will not fetch you any money. The videos range from food and beverage ads , how to videos , movie trailers etc. One can earn anywhere between 0.08 to 1 point per video. The videos are of a minute or less. This means watching 10 videos can earn you 10 points.

8. Successbux

Successbux has been online since 2012. It offers ads, videos that enable you to get paid for watching videos on youtube. There are other ways through which you can earn money like contests. The payment options are varied like Paypal, Perfect Money and solid trust pay. The payment processing might take ~7 days.


  • Low minimum payout of $1
  • Available globally


  • Need credit card details to sign up
  • Members from China and Vietnam may have to follow certain rules to request payout.
  • Low click values

9. FusionCash

Fusion Cash is one of the famous Get to paid (GTP) sites. It has been around for nearly 15 years. Fusion cash allows you to register only one account per IP. It operates in a similar fashion to all the other above apps – register and start earning.

Watching videos is just one of the ways you can earn money on this app. There are multiple other options available. However bear in mind that streaming options are not available. An advantage of using Fusion Cash is the videos can run in the background while you do other things. Now, isn’t that an easy way to get paid to watch youtube videos on the background while you multi-task.

10. Creation Rewards

Visit the creation rewards website here, create your account for free and start accumulating CR points by watching videos. The videos are entertainment, advertisements and products. Some videos may require you to interact with them. Watch the video till the end and earn points. You can get paid in different ways; via PayPal or gift cards.

Two drawbacks of this platform – the members often complain about delayed payments (~12 weeks or more). In addition, the site has a very poor rating though the site is operating from 2000.

11. Adwallet

Adwallet connects the advertisers with consumers. Companies like Citibank, Airbnb advertise their products and services on Adwallet. AdWallet members view their ads and get paid for watching the ads. Optionally one can get paid extra to share the ad on social media.The ads cover a variety of sectors including finance, food and travel.

This is a free website, AdWallet does not have any mobile app. You can still access the website via mobile. The reviews on customer support has been good. The only drawback of this app is that videos/ads are not frequently available.

12. Netflix tagger

Netflix hires for positions called metadata  analysts or Netflix taggers. These analysts watch content and assign relevant tags to the content. The tags include information like release date, language, ast etc. Metadata is very crucial for Netflix. The tags helps create specific categories like “ Dramas based on books” and further helps people to find what they are looking for .

The job is not all cool as one may assume, as the Netflix tagger has to watch, re-watch the content and prepare notes.  Watching movies with popcorn on a lazy Sunday afternoon is one thing. Watching movie as an analyst keeping track of how often the hero curses, knocks off a bad guy is a total different ballgame. It is a very responsible job. 

The job can be a remote work with flexible hours which can be an advantage. The drawback, however, is that the Netflix taggers may not get to pick what they want to watch. Of course a episode of Stranger things would have been interesting to watch. But the job often requires one to watch content that might not be interesting to them.

How to get a job as Netflix tagger?

Netflix announces their vacancies on their website. Bookmark the Netflix careers website and keep an eye out for this wonderful opportunity.

13. Weare8

Weare8 is a new platform where people are paid to watch short brand videos and answer micro surveys of 1-3 questions thereafter . You can choose to receive ads via SMS on days and times that suits you. The vision behind the brand Weare8 is innovative and intends to make its customers feel valued and respected.

Companies spend millions of dollars on advertising and yet none of it reaches the consumer. Weare8 changes that. Through the ecosystem that they have built, everytime a brand advertises and a consumer watches that, the consumer gets paid. A small % also goes to the charity of the brands choice. This way the brand gets direct engagement with its customers. It is a win-win for all.  

14. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is open to any country. Sign up using your email address and Facebook and start earning ! 1 point in Prize Rebel is equivalent to $0.001, which means you will need to accumulate 100 points for $1. The site has numerous choices or tasks for you to earn points. There are 3 redemption methods – Dwolla, Paypal and gift vouchers. For cash payments you will need a minimum balance of $5.

15. Earning Station

Earning Station is a legitimate opportunity for you to earn some cash for doing something easy like watching videos.  It exists since 2011. Once you sign up, Earning Station has a daily video which will earn you $0.02. After this, you will earn @0.02 per 10 videos you watch. The reward is low as you can tell. However shopping, playing video games taking surveys are few other ways you can earn money through this website.

The money can be redeemed via cash or gift cards. Refer to the table at the end of this blog post to know the payout thresholds.

16. Perk lets you earn money in 3 different ways.

  1. Online shopping  – Shop online and earn Perk Points that can be redeemed
  2. Complete perk promotions – participate in brand promotions and earn Perk Points
  3. Perk apps – There are many applications that you can download from and earn. Each application has a different purpose. For example, Perk lets you earn Perk points by visiting real world locations. Since this blogpost is about videos I will be sharing about video applications in particular. : This application lets you watch movies, trailers, viral videos etc. You can earn points just by watching the videos.

Perk Tv Live :  This application doesn’t let you watch TV. This application doesn’t let you watch TV. However, you can check out a community or comment section about a TV show you are watching.The way you earn points through this application is by tweeting through the app.

17. Viggle

Viggle was acquired by Perk not long ago. This app mainly focuses on TV shows.  They are partnered with Hulu, Amazon, Netflix etc. For each hour you watch a TV show or steam a channel or film on Amazon, Netflix or even Hulu, you’ll earn 60 points.

The downside of is it ranks pretty low indicating most consumers are generally dissatisfied about their services. Hearing complaints about their payouts is common.

Few things to note,

Viggle will not work on a desktop or laptop. Install it on a mobile device.

Both Viggle and Perk will have to installed and used in conjunction with each other.

The app allows you to earn up to 60,000 Viggle Points per month. One minute of ”Viggling” equals one Viggle Perk Point equals to 20 Viggle Points, while 1000 perk points are worth $1

This app pays you through gift cards, merchandise and cash. Once you convert your Viggle Points to Perk Points, you can proceed to redeem them. If you prefer cash, you can do so in two ways.

  1. Order the Perkplastic Debit Card and redeem your Perk Points through it.
  2. Choose PayPal Cash and have your points converted to cash, then sent to your PayPal account

Perk lets you run the videos on-end while you can continue doing other tasks !!  That is a huge advantage !

18. App trailer

App trailer has a good rating as a GTP site with 40,000 reviews and 3.8 rating. As the name suggests, App Trailer allows one to stream videos related to music, games, movies, trailers etc. Initially App trailer was created for trailers of new apps. Eventually, diversified to show videos like games and movie trailers too.

You earn five points for each video watched irrespective of how lengthy the video is. So to get $0.5, you need to earn 500 points. That is the minimum point you must have earned to withdraw. It takes a lot of time to earn the minimum points that are required for the barest cash out which is $0.5. The minimum as said earlier is 500 points, and a video gives you 5 points, so to earn 500 points, you need to watch not less than 100 videos!!

Few downsides of App Trailer that you should be aware of :

They penalize you for staying too long on the app. Instead of the customary 5 points, they might reduce it to 3 when they do. I do not understand why it’s so.

They can get spammy. Because you sign up with your email, you get bombarded with unsolicited emails, which can be frustrating.

You cannot multi-task while using this app. Meaning, we cannot let the videos run on-end as you are required to manually click on a button after each video.

19. Quick Rewards

Quick Rewards has been in business since 2002 and has paid over $7 million to its members. It has a A+ Rating on the Business Bureau website. You can earn up to $1 per day for watching videos on this platform.  The primary payment method is Paypal. There’s no limit or a minimum threshold to withdraw your earnings to your account. Therefore you can withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account any time you wish. You can also redeem your rewards as gift cards from various retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Burger King and much more.

20. Hitbliss

Hitbliss is a small company in Lexington, Massachusetts, started in 2008. It has 2 categories – Movies and Advertising. Adversiting is where you can earn credits by watching commercials and trailers in what HitBliss calls as ‘Earn mode’ and use the credits to rent/purchase movies/TV shows . They have a good selection of movies and TV shows.

You can sign up using your facebook account. Then you are given 3 different options to choose how fast you’d like to earn money watching ads. The more you personalize your account, the faster you earn. Personalization here requires that you provide more info about your gender, age, location etc. It does not need any credit card info or no money to be paid.

Once everything is set up you are taken to the home page where you can start watching ads. The ads are nothing special. They are just like the ones shown on TV. The ads, however require you to interact by clicking on a smiley face that pops up a couple of times.

An earnings bar at the bottom of the screen keeps showing you how much you earn. You are at the lowest ‘trust’ level when watching your first video. As you start watching more videos your trust level goes up. With higher trust levels the frequency of smiley face appearing and you having to click reduces. Not only that, you get points for how fast you respond and click on the smiley faces. Think of it as a game. Sounds fun, isn’t it ?!!

The accumulated points can then be exchanged for digital rewards like music, movies, tv shows on the HitBliss store.

21. InstaGC

InstaGC allows you to earn while watching videos. However it is the not the most popular way to earning money on InstaGC as it rewards surveys more than videos. Anyhoo, if you choose to watch videos you can earn about 1.5 points for watching a video of 20 minutes. InstaGC guarantees a minimum of 1 point per 20 videos watched. You can also earn bonus points by watching 50 videos per week.

There are different service providers you can choose from. Some are high paying while others are not. Example HyprMX pays 1 point for a 30 second video while  AceWall and pay one point for 4 videos.  A 100 points are equal to $1.

22. Grabpoints

Grabpoints is another legit way to earn some money on the side. You’ll earn $0.01 to $0.10 to watch a 2-10 minute videos plus ads. There are limited videos to watch, say about 5-10 videos. Watching videos grants you few points. 10 Grabpoints equate to just 1 cent.

To give you an idea, you will need 10,000 Grabpoints to earn $10. You can also take surveys, download apps etc to earn more money on Grabpoints, in addition to watching videos.

23. Paid2youtube

Signing up for Paid2youtube lets you access a list of videos . This is a wonderful way to get paid to watch youtube videos or movies. Furthermore, you can also earn by posting comments on various videos and subscribing to the channels. To sign up for Paid2youtube, you have to set up a Youtube account to be able to view and comment on videos.

You get $0.01 for each ‘like’, $0.15 for a ‘comment’, $0.005 for video displayed. In addition, You also keep earning even when your referrals click, like, comment and subscribe too. By combining your individual activities and the activities of your referrals, it is possible to earn $100 per month. Do remember that this is just an indicative and optimistic value. The actual earnings is based on your participation.

How do these apps compare?

Sl noAppRating on Better Business Bureau (BBB)Rating on TrustpilotAccepted CountriesSigning bonusEarning potential from the appPayout Minimum
1SwagbucksA+2.8/5US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Germany, Spain, France, Malaysia, and India.$5$25-$100 per monthNo minimum limit
2Inbox dollarsF4.1/5United States$5$0.30-$0.60 per day$30
3My PointsNot accredited4.4/5United States, Canada$10$16-$128 per month$1 minimum (250 points) for gift card redemption, $25 minimum (3970 points) for PayPal redemption, and 3200 points for 1000 United miles
4Neilsen computersA+Not knownNot knownNot knownNot knownNot known
5Kash KickNot accredited3.9/5United States, Canada, Australia, UKNo bonus$10-$50 per month$10
6EarnablyNot accredited4.8/5AVAILABLE COUNTRY LISTNo bonus$50-$100 per month$1
7IrazooNot accredited4.3/5Worldwide but opportunities vary with countries. Most opportunities are if you join from United States UK Canada Australia$11 point per video$20 (=20,000 points) via PayPal, $5 (=3000 points) via gift cards
8SuccessbuxNot accreditedNot listedWorldwide $0.001 to $0.002 per ad$1
9FusionCashNot accreditedNot ListedUnited States$5 USD1-3 cents per video$25
10CreationrewardsNot accredited3.7/5United States Canada United Kingdom Australia$5 USD0.5-25 points per video$10
11AdwalletNot accredited3.2/5United States$1 USD$0.5-$3 per ad$10
12Netflix TaggerNot applicableNot applicableWorldwideFull time/ Part time job
13Weare8Not known3.1/5WorldwideNot knownNot knownNot known
14PrizerebelNot accredited3.8/5WorldwideNot known$2-3 per hour$2 Amazon gift card  (200 points) OR $5 cash payout via Paypal
15Earning StationNot accredited4.2/5United StatesBonus codes are available. Value unknown$25 to $50 per month$10 giftcards or $25 if Paypal
16PerkNot accreditedNot listedUnited statesNot knownLess than $100 per monthNot known
17ViggleNot accreditedNot listedUnited states (including Puerto Rico)Not knownNot knownNot known
18App TrailerNot accredited3.8/5Not known50 points$30-40 per month500 points
19Quick RewardsA+3.9/5United States Canada $50 per month$0.01 via PayPal $5 for Gift cards
20HitblissNot knownNot listedNot knownNot knownNot knownNot known
21InstaGCA+3.4/5Not knownNot knownNot known$1 for gift cards, $5 for cash payout
22GrabpointsNot accredited4.8/5Not knownNot known$30 per monthNot known
23Paid2youtubeNot accreditedNot listedWorldwide$0.05$100 per month$10


I hope this article was able to answer your questions on how to get paid to watch youtube videos.

With these apps and websites you can now get paid to watch youtube videos without breaking a sweat . No skillset required ! Isn’t that a wonderful set up to be earning while being entertained?

Let me know your thoughts on these platforms.  Which one interests you the most ?

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