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15 Best Job Search websites in Germany (+personal experience! )

Looking for your dream jobs in Germany, but don’t know where to apply? I am writing this post because a few months ago, I applied for jobs in Germany, got positive response, went on to clear interviews and landed three offers. If I can achieve this, then you’ll be able to too !! In this blog post I share the BEST job search websites in Germany that will help you get closer to that dream job of yours. Alongside, I also share my personal experience on what worked for me. 

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Why should I apply for a job in Germany?

The number of job vacancies in 2022 have increased by 55% compared to 2021. This implies despite the pandemic and Ukraine war, companies are desperately seeking new employees.

Germany is the most sought out country in Europe for jobs. Germany offers high job security, great work-life balance, travel connectivity and safety, additionally to the below benefits. 

  • ~35-40 days of annual leave
  • Home office set up allowance
  • Education allowance
  • Volunteering days off
  • Cycle to work
  • Yoga and gym subsidy
  • Language support
  • Relocation bonus/support
  • PR in 21 to 33 months!

15 Best Job Search websites in Germany

Here is a comprehensive list of the Best Job search websites in Germany to help you land that dream job. 

  1. XING
  2. Monster
  3. Indeed
  4. Stepstone
  6. Jobrapido (Germany)
  7. LinkedIn
  9. Kimeta
  10. – for developers
  11. and – for academics like journalism, research, art, culture, tourism, science, human resource, public relations
  12. Make it in Germany – for Government jobs
  14. English jobs Germany
  15. – for visa sponsored jobs
  16. Other websites


XING is like LinkedIn of Germany and really much worth spending some time on. With XING you be able to actively hunt for jobs that interest you. At the same time, headhunters also can reach out to you based on your skillsets. Using the filter options, you can even check the employee benefits such as – allowing pets to work, work from office or work from home etc. The premium model allows you to even check the salaries offered for certain jobs and even set your own salary expectations. You can also download the app here for ioS and android

2. Monster

Monster offers a user friendly interface that’s quick and straightforward to seek jobs. Use the search button to find jobs using keywords, job titles, company names or location. Once you find a job that is of your interest, you can apply via your profile or upload your CV. One disadvantage might be that there is no option to add or upload a cover letter.

3. Indeed

Indeed is a popular job search website in Germany. Go to the homepage and you will find two textboxes What and Where.

What helps you to filter the search results using specific keywords like job title or company name.

Where is used to filter the results to a desired location. You can save your job search results to apply later. 

The disadvantage of this platform is that you cannot upload cover letters to your Indeed account. Inorder to submit a cover letter, you need to attach it with your application or type it in in the message/cover letter field.

Indeed also provides various skill assessments that you can take. Upon passing the assessments, the skills will reflect on your Indeed profile.

4. Stepstone

Stepstone (formerly called ‘JobShop’) is a significant next gen recruitment platform. A novel feature of this platform is the ‘CV generator’. Using the CV generator you can create a resume that is ATS friendly for FREE!  Another feature – ‘Compare salaries’ allows you to compare average salary for any job title within a location.

5. is another leading online job search website in Germany. Irrespective of the type of the job seeker you are – home office-100%, freelancer, full time or part-time, you will find jobs that suit you.

6. Jobrapido

Jobrapido was founded in 2006 and operates in 58 countries. If you are looking for a job in a specific country, go to and at the bottom of the page, all the countries are listed. You can choose a country to narrow you job search to that specific country. Jobrapido is a job search engine and does not partake in the recruiting process.

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn needs no introduction.  My personal experience has been that I get plenty recruiters texting me on LinkedIn about job opportunities but it fails to go any further. I personally find it good to connect with recruiters and employees from other companies. I do, however know many people who have found success in their job search with LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s ability to recommend interesting positions that match your profile is unparalleled.  Guess there is only one way to find out if this platform works for you or not. That is, by trying it ! 

Here’s a bonus tip!

Want to know a hack about advanced job search in LinkedIn?

You can use Boolean queries to find a job. Example (“agile coach” OR “scrum master”) AND (“IT” OR “bank”). The search can also support NOT to exclude keywords or companies.

8. is a simple no-nonsense platform that matches you to with the companies that are seeking your skills. As a job seeker you register as a candidate on their platform. Their algorithm analyzes profiles of candidates and co-relates it with the job descriptions published by the companies. You can apply for the role that are your matches and you will hear from them if the profile is a match. Simple, quick and efficient.


Kimeta is ranked amongst the top 5 commercial job search websites in Germany. It has been rated the best job search engine by the job market compass, about 11 times in a row !!


Honeypot is Europe’s developer focused job platform. It is a straight forward platform where you will create a profile, pass their screening, become visible and get offers.

11. For academics, researchers and scientists is a wonderful place to look for jobs. You can also find their job listings by reading the ZEIT newspaper on Thursdays. is another great portal for academics related jobs like journalism, research, art, culture, tourism, science, human resource, public relations and so on.

12. Make it in Germany

This is a portal from the German government. If offers lots of guidance on job vacancies, visas and immigrating to Germany. Along with all this information this portal also offers personal advisory services to anyone interested.


Toytowngermany is a local community website that advertises job vacancies alongside the daily news

14. English jobs is a jobsite that mainly advertises English jobs. Aside from the job offers that the employers post directly on this website; they do  include jobs from a couple dozens other job portals. It is not the most well developed site, but it is still useful in its existing state.

15. is one of my favorite job search website. I generally peek into this site, for international jobs with visa and relocation support. And it is FREE!

16. Other job search websites in Germany that you could refer to are –

My Personal Experience

Here’s  what has ALWAYS worked for me. 

I simply open google and search for “(insert your role) in (insert city)”. It lists the top job positions that I am looking for in that city. Then I go to the company’s website directly and apply for the role under their careers section. This method has gotten me a response directly from the recruiter of the company, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

Tips for applying

  • Your job success depends on whether or not your skill is in high demand in that country
  • It is recommended that CV should be in German format and in German. However for English speaking jobs, you can apply with your English CV. 
  • Always attach a cover letter (don’t be lazy !)
  • If there is a HR email id provided, please email them directly indicating your interest.


What is the fastest way to find a job in Germany?

The fastest way is to directly apply on the company’s website and reach out to the HR directly, if there is an email provided

How soon will I get a reply when I apply for a job in Germany?

It depends ! There are companies that get back to you in the same week and there are few companies that take more than six weeks. Have patience! Since there are many applicants for the same job that you have applied, it will take time. 

Why am I getting rejected when I apply for jobs in Germany?

Few possible reasons could be that your resume is not ATS friendly. Perhaps, the skill/domain that you are applying is very competitive . You could be under or over qualified. Your application could be incomplete. Your resume did not make an impact (the cover letter is very important !). 

Is it absolutely necessary to learn German to apply to these jobs?

Depends, on what you are applying for. There are many English speaking jobs that don’t need you to learn German for your work. In one of the interviews, the interviewer clearly told me that German is not a requirement for that job. However, for your day-to-day transactions in Germany, you might need to learn the language. Many companies offer language assistance, recommendations or discounts for you to take German language lessons.

Can I find remote jobs in Germany?

YES !  A BIG YESSSS !  You can ask the interviewer about their remote work policy. You can request/ negotiate with the recruiter if you want a hybrid or fully remote position. The interviewers are pretty open to such questions and they will provide you honest answers whether or not this is possible. If you want a 100% fully remote job, the best source is to check in FLEXJOBS


So there you have it – the best 15 Job search websites in Germany. You can apply to your dream job using this, from anywhere in the world. If you have more questions, please leave your comments below and I shall get back to you as soon as possible. 

Let us reach success together ! 

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you.

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